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About Jill Woods -

Jill Woods is a Natick Mom of 2 teenage girls and dedicated integrated health and wellness coach.  After working through years on her own health struggles she found solutions through alternative medicine.  After a 20 year career in the corporate world,  Jill made a shift to pursuing her true passion.  Now a certified Allergy Release Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher and Coach, Jill runs a thriving business in Natick, MA.  Working to support both children and adults to overcome immune issues.  A.R.T. works to solve food and environmental sensitivities and allergens, asthma, skin issues and more.  Jill combines three modalities to support overall energy and immune.  The end result is a strong immune, grounded balanced energy, reduction or cure of seasonal and food allergens, higher level of energy and overall improved health.  Clients learn the importance of the mind-body connection and incorporate energy medicine  to help each person meet their own personal goals. In Jill's spare time she likes to read, exercise, including running, weight training and yoga. 


Allergy Release Technique Practitioner

Reiki Master/Teacher

IET Practitioner 

Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Additional Coaching Experience includes:  Reiki guided parent coaching, annual multi-discipline health coaching seminar, weight loss group & corporate coaching to allow growth and full potential in all areas.